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Azon Rocket 2.0 Review
Download Azon Rocket 2.0 now: Azon Rocket 2.0, is a fully loaded, state of the art Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that's power packed with powerful features. This plugin previously sold on clickbank with a whopping price tag of $127 for the developer license and $97 for the multisite license. 12 plugins in 1 and features includes: -Create an unlimited number of product review campaigns. -Easily create nested categories. Depth is unlimited. -Easily add multiple keywords for the same category by separating them using a comma. -Campaign offers post frequency range to provide a natural appearance. 3 product review templates or Create an unlimited number of custom templates . Choose from 3 different content modes"static, static with updates & dynamic. -Automatically cloak Amazon affiliate links. -Dynamically change the template of your posts. -Dynamically change the Amazon tag on demand. -Post thousands of products reviews to your blog automatically. -Automatically Create Product Review Banners -Multilingual Support such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian -Ability to save Amazon product images to your server -Ability to use saved images as featured images for supporting templates -Simple word replacements -Automatic tweets on Twitter -Ability to enable/disable post tags -Automatic content translators using tools such as Google Translate -Ability to write custom product description -Random category selector will select a primary as well as child categories completely randomly, this can help provide you ideas for a niche. -Deep filtering of products -Ajax product poster you can find featured items, bestselling items, highest rated reviews products, etc Azon Rocket 2.0 Bonus Bonus #1: Amazon PayDay Secrets Inside Amazon PayDay Secrets, you will discover powerful marketing strategies for your Amazon Review Sites. Bonus #2: Azon Traffic Master Getting traffic to your amazon review sites. How to claim special bonus

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